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Date:2017-02-06 21:30
Subject:getting my life back ... first ballet lesson
Mood: smug

after FIVE years. And after a knee, which I damaged at 21 or so, decided that the muscles around it had deteriated so far that it could safely develop bursitis again ... (so I spent the best part of the last two weeks in varying kinds of agony as it sorted itself out, and only felt marginally better for the last three days).

It is a truism that Cecchetti dancers, when they have not danced or have been doing other forms of dance for a while, develop a twitch that can only be satisfied by a dose of Cecchetti. I have to say, it was a minor twitch that had me email my teacher for permission to invade her classroom two weeks ago, and an enormous dose of "Ive missed this sooo much" halfway through barre. A barre I didnt expect to get through given all my injuries. It was, I have to admit, a modified grade 6 class because the girls are coming back after a break, and there were two new grade 6s in the group, but I still got through a bit more than half the class, admittedly with no releves or jumps - the knee just refused jumps point blank. Otherwise, the knee behaved perfectly, warming up nicely and not hurting until I stopped - a touch of agony driving home, but its fine now.

And I have that nice warm feeling from having done a good dose of exercise, and a smile from having indulged my Cecchetti addiction:)

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Date:2016-11-28 20:11
Subject:getting my life back
Mood: smiling

Next Monday I will move from the Busiest Little Centre in the West to the Limestone Box on the coast to work on a special project for the next 6-12 months. Not exactly the most interesting job, but its not on a public counter, its in Freo, its opposite a park and the sea front and its surrounded by cafes and other food places. It is also far enough that I will use the train to get there - lots of reading time. Of course, there is a patch after Xmas when the rail line will be closed to allow finishing of the new station at Colin's Folly - but you get that, every time I decide to rely on the train, it stops .... I could bear to drive there, the roads werent too crowded this morning when I drove there for an orientation meeting, but there were some choice drivers who clearly got their licences in a Wheaties packet - much worse than weekend traffic when I go that way.

Already I am much better at Doing Stuff - those adulting little jobs that I have been looking at and ignoring for far too long. Hopefully this will last and improve.

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Date:2016-11-26 17:00
Subject:My very own Huginn and Muninn
Mood: contemplative

When I first moved into this house, there was a family of crows (Australian Ravens) who lived in the taller trees around my house. (Most of these trees have now gone, I have three very tall trees and several shorter ones in my garden, and there are a couple a block south of me - most have been cut down for redevelopment of the blocks.) When I watered the garden a row of black hummocks would appear along the edge of the verge as they drank from the run off. The older males would be chased away at some point to start their own families. At some time around 5 years ago I realised there were only four of them, the older pair and two immature birds. Then one day there was only one, an immature female who spent her time hunkered down in the long grass along the back fence, hiding amongst the taller weeds there. She did not really know how to feed herself. Eventually she grew older and bolder and started flying around. There were few crows visiting my garden after that. A year later she came back and did the same thing, crouching down for long periods, although now she could fly well and fed herself well. The next year another bird joined her, quite puzzled by her obvious desire to nest on the ground. Eventually he persuaded her to build a nest in one of my trees. I think they raised a couple of young, although the young ones disappeared quite quickly. (I have had crow families elsewhere who drove off their young once they could fend for themselves.)

This year they came to build a nest - I saw them collecting sticks and flying round with them. But no babies eventuated. They both spend their time in my garden and next door - where they perch on the fence and next door's shed and steal food from the chook pen. As always, they clean up any cat food left out after I feed the street cat who visits. Once they stole the plastic bowl and dropped it on the roof of the house the other side, where it is slowly melting in the heat ... They also bring pieces of dried bread (left out for the birds by my neighbours MIL) to soak in the bird bath so they can be eaten.

They arent tame, but are less afraid because Ive never done anything to scare them. I suspect they are not going to have a family again. Possibly the female was abandoned by her family because there is something wrong with her. She is certainly a little slower to do anything that her mate does, and I still see her sitting in the grass.

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Date:2016-07-16 17:06
Subject:What a lovely drop of wet :)
Mood: dry and toasty

Was at Perth City Library to return some books and see if they had some by writers I hadnt heard of before - they didnt, but there were some books by writers I like that I hadnt seen before. And then to the Art Gallery to see their current free exhibitions. All using public transport - train and then the Red Cat bus, and Red Cat back to the station to walk through to the Gallery. Saving my feet because I rolled my ankle last week, and while the ankle is fine, the bruising hasnt quite gone and Im thinking Im having an arthritic reaction because my ankles are aching unless I sit down regularly. So hobbling around like a little old lady ...:P

Had a refreshingly cheap pot of tea at the Art Gallery cafe - always a slightly more expensive place to visit, but the food is very hands-on so justifiably pricier - the service was great and they had amusingly artistic water and milk jugs. The teapot - leaf tea - held three large cups.

The Objects gallery was a little disturbing. Currently showing some exquisite aboriginal funerary objects mostly from Milingimbi in NT. They have signs saying they have permission to show these things, but some of them were clearly mens business, and it felt a little uncomfortable looking at them.

The Resonant Objects were beautiful and special. Some old, some new stuff. Some quite disturbing with artists examining being.

Rebecca Baumann's pieces were strange. Pretty. Installations dont do all that much for me.

Sacred and Profane is dominated by Jitish Kallat’s Public Notice 2 2007 which is a staggering amount of work and quite creepily intense.

By now I was seriously creeped out - death, dying, erotic gods, diaries of oppressed Chinese, and an artist (whose name unfortunately escapes me) who started out drawing his face and never stopped for most of his life, moving into disturbing ceramic versions - looking suspiciously like someone whose personality was seriously disintegrating. (Not sure what some of the public thought of these - not a lot of thinking going on with a few of them who were "Doing a Kultural Thing" :P) Anyway, it was a relief to go into Comic Tragics - which is a veritable maze of different graphic artists with differing styles, many quite amusing, some downright enormous and many of their publications are available in the gallery shop - there are hardcopies attached to a table for you to read. Quite quite amazing. Full of twenty-somethings who Im sure occasionally wondered what I was doing enjoying the pictures so much. These pieces resonated a lot with me. My personal style developed during GCSE Art had a tendency to pen and ink cartoon-like graphics. I suspect that any work I produce in the future is likely to go that way - although likely with paint of some description rather than just ink - it is rather unforgiving of mistakes :P

So I tottered out of the exhibition halls, picked up my library books and coat from the cloakroom, and visited the shop - a money trap indeed, but I got away with a neat little book of street artists - lots of pix of folk like Banksy ... and turned round to see that it was pouring with rain.

It obviously wasnt stopping, so I reconfigured my black, furry collared security mans jacket. Unbuttoned the fur, folded it up into a pocket, unfurled the hood from the collar, sorted out my bags and smartcard-on-the-lanyard to minimise wettage - and sallied forth to test out my jacket in the pouring rain. I have never had to rely on it before - in some 5 years ownership. I can report it came out of it extremely well. I am dry, and warm. Admittedly it was only short trips - tottering across the bridge to the station (which is deafening in heavy rain) - and then from the middle of my local station to my car the other side of the road - but the coat shed the wet very well, and was not noticeably dripping when I hung it up to dry at home.

I currently have two slightly annoyed furfriends who want to go out - not happening, pussies! We used to have winters like this thirty years ago - 4-5 days grey skies and persistent rain, followed by 3-4 days sun and cold. Its been along time since winters were like this.

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Date:2016-07-03 12:09
Subject:Wyrd Sisters weird indeed
Mood: happy

Spent election night laughing myself silly at Marloo Theatre's Wyrd Sisters. A splendid production, especially since most of the cast were young folk. Wonderful lighting, good music. Everyone unfazed by being under the landing flightpath for the airport. A lot of Shakespeare, not all of it from the Scottish play.

Granny Weatherwax was amazing. The fool foolish. Magrat very young. There was some imaginative stagecraft for the witching scenes.

Im surprised the cast werent whirling madly widdershins in a haze of thrown-over-the-shoulder salt sparkles!

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Date:2016-06-16 09:10
Subject:Smile moment in ratsh*t time ..
Mood: not so stressed

A pied mudlark attacking windows and mirrors/looking for insects on cars waiting at the traffic lights.
A flight of pelicans across the Causeway ... mmmm, pelicans!

So come Wednesday morning, Id called in sick to work. At about 2:30 I received a stressed phone call from Ma saying she'd been broken into. A neighbour was with her, so I told her to tell teh woman to call the police, and started to get ready. Work called to say Ma had called. It takes between 30-40 minutes to get to Mas house from mine.

Apparently Doris fell asleep with, uncharacteristically, the flyscreen on the front door unlocked, and the bottom window in her bedroom open a small way. Usually the house is done up like a fortress, but not this time. Whoever it was had taken her bumbag handbag and lifted most of the jewellery from the two drawers in her dressing table. This include several pieces of bespoke gold-pearl-diamond made for my father by a local specialist jeweller.

The neighbour helped a little. Ma was pretty upset but handled it better after cups of tea. We cancelled her ATM cards - and it took a ridiculously long time to manage that - a lot longer than it took when I had to cancel mine some years ago after my purse was s stolen in the shopping centre. I sat her down and went through what we could see was missing. I called the insurance people and they organised a locksmith and the car guy to change the car locks. That guy couldnt come until the next day, but we disabled the car to help stop it being taken. Eventually the police showed up - the neighbour said afterwards that the callcentre operator had said she would make sure someone attended. At various other times some other neighbours showed up as well - after the sergeant called on them to check what they might have seen. The constable took a statement from her.

We found several pieces of bespoke jewellery hiding in the wardrobe attached to various jumpers, so he didnt get all of them.

I went home for stuff and to sort out three hungry furkids. Went back there and stayed the night. The locksmith came while we were eating tea. He rebuilt the deadlock because he didnt have anything to replace it with - interesting to see the inside workings of a lock.

The car was done yesterday morning, and he returned today with an extra key. The forensics guy came yesterday whilst I was back home sorting out cats and buying a few necessary supplies. Unfortunately there were no prints to be found anywhere. Ma was feeling better yesterday so I came home and did my shopping.

Today I compiled a list of the items taken and added scanned photos of most of the big stuff for the police. Unfortunately the jeweller did not have pictures of the most expensive thing, although they now take them as a matter of course.

Unless we are extremely lucky it is unlikely that we will get any of it back.

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Date:2016-05-01 19:37
Mood: happy and tired

Took the Avon Link to Toodyay for the Moondyne Festival.

I havent seen it so green for a while - and there was water in the river that runs alongside the track most of the way. When I took the train last year, I didnt even realise the river was there, it was just rocks. The train was almost full as well - last year we had less than half a carriage and the conductor said it didnt matter where we sat :P This year .. not so much. But it is still a brilliant train ride - quiet, comfortable, and not so expensive when you put it up against driving 86km home in the evening light along a winding and hilly country road.

The festival was well arranged, they had a different script for the Moondyne Joe show, and they have persuaded a retired couple of theatre folk living in the town to play significant parts - MC and ... not sure what his wife did, but it all made a difference to last year's. Moondyne Joe was his normal active, cheeky self - the lawyers and the judge were hilarious, the floozies vociferous. The local choir (Toodyay Singers), dressed in period costume, have acquired some better voices since last year, including the Shire President who had been persuaded to undertake pleasant tenor rendering of a song promoting Toodyay ("Take me Home to Toodyay"). The official photos will appear of the FB page at some point, but these will give you some idea :)

Visited the bookshop ... as you do ... and it is a marvellous shop - so if you visit Toodyay, go see the man. He does love to chat. He said the river had been over the water meadows art Easter when they had some big rain. There is still scouring in the river bank and a good flow. If it carries on raining as it has, the Avon Descent on the first weekend in August should have plenty of water (which it hasnt in recent years - they had portage parts last year ...)

My friend Paula wasnt there as she was in Perth for Garden Week, but her husband Mark was running her stall to show a presence. He dutifully allowed me to park my bag under his table :) Ate my lunch in the park near the river. No visit to the Bakery this time .. maybe when I go back for the Fibre Festival in June. (Toodyay Bakery is not to be missed. Best bread, pies, and cakes anywhere - and they have a seating area upstairs with a verandah to watch the world go by.)

Coming home on the train, we were mostly looking for the kangaroos the conductor had said they encounter. Kangaroos come out to feed at sundown, and the sun was getting below the hills. I think my neighbours had visited the hostelry ... there was much giggling and comments about Big Red .. Western Grey roos are dark brown ... there were quite a lot in the paddocks near Toodyay and in the more open parts of the bush after. They are not that easy to spot because, as they were feeding, they were mostly nose down, looking like some extra curly commas in the distance, not the classic hopping shape or the standing up version. Im not sure my giggling neighbours actually saw any ... :)

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Date:2016-04-16 05:41
Subject:Black Sabbath

They came to Perth first on the Australian leg!

Extremely loud to the point of pain even with earplugs :( They were brilliant however. Ozzy was clearly losing his voice and dosing himself during the songs, but it only cracked once and he was mad as ever. Considering they are scheduled to tour until November with only a few weeks here and there for rest, and considering he is 67, there is some stamina here! Tony and Geezer were amazing and the drummer was as ever. His solo was astounding.

They are touring with Rival Sons, a band clearly few here had heard of. Applause was politely minimal except for the vocal few in front of the stage. There were some good beats there, and their guitarists are good (especially the bass), but the front man could use some work. He has a good voice, which he is destroying by screaming. His presentation is ... garage band? Yeah, I know, heavy metal 'n all, but really? And amped to the point of pain so that you cant hear a thing? It is amazing that a band can tour with so many long-standing big names and learn so little about presentation and stage craft.

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Date:2016-01-22 06:26
Subject:wensberry and thursberry

This is what happens when not much happens - being English, I talk about the weather :P

On Wednesday: this morning, after a night of cold and wet, there was a plane landing at the airport (overhead as I drive to work) with contrails coming off its engines.

On Thursday: I was going to comment about how odd our weather is at present, until I checked the averages and discovered that for the last 22 years, Wednesday's weather was average .... of course, twenty years isnt really a good period for establishing averages, because we have weather cycles that extend to 50 years or so. And in the last twenty years we had a few big cyclones in January that produce lower temperatures, and copious rain ...so, average for a January day in Perth is only 31C, and 15mm of rain .. whereas the perception would be more like 33 or 35 and no rain.

I shall stop being boring now :P

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Date:2016-01-19 18:57
Mood: not bad considering

Well that was a useful drop of wet (random amounts of rain around the metro area and a heavyish downpour at home). Strange to have it raining in January. Looks like, instead of rolling cyclones up north bringing hot muggy weather here interspersed with the odd cyclonic downpour, we are going to have long tongues of depression bringing slowly rotating cold-front hooks full of thunderstorms (like today). This one has been building for a few days, is currently circulating around the metro area and is somewhat stalled by the high cell sitting over the middle of the continent :P

I have read Moonfleet. I pick up a handful of second hand books, usually for $2 each, from one of two secondhand bookshops. This was one of them. I hadnt heard of it, so was pleasantly surprised by the robustness of the text, typical for nineteenth century novels, less so for twentieth century YA, which is what I took it for at first. It also has typical nineteenth century patches of tedious realism. But very readable.

It made me remember the Doctor Syn books I was addicted to as a child - apparently available for loan from Battye and a few local libraries. I vaguely remember being very disappointed by either a tv version or the film.

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Date:2016-01-18 21:37
Subject:Food for thought
Mood: serious

What does 1982-83 mean to you?

In Aus, it was marked for me by the rise of Apple, and the initial reports of AIDS (and, I now realise, the invasion of Grenada in 1983 - where the family of an acquaintance was involved).

I have just (re)watched an episode of New Tricks based on the premise that the daughter of a public servant was killed whilst her father was undertaking a civil defence exercise.

It draws on the facts mentioned here released under the 30-year rule in the UK.

That in the 1980s the Cold War had escalated to such a state that governments genuinely thought a nuclear was was a Good Thing and were prepared to act on it, is moderately disturbing. After all, in the 70s I had studied "Hiroshima Mon Amour" in uni, and it was kind of a given that a nuclear war was one no-one would win. Certainly not one that wiped out the whole of the UK with multiple warheads. More recent nuclear accidents have shown what happens with nuclear fallout ... the Atlantic would not be wide enough to drown fallout on prevailing easterly winds.

The timeline linked to the wiki article referred to above makes disturbing reading. At the time, I dont think we took it particularly seriously that other governments could be so foolish as to start a nuclear war. I know folk from overseas can view Australians as politically naive, but were we all so wrapped in cottonwool by our government that this didnt get more serious attention?

Aside: it is worth noting that the Doomsday Clock stands at 3 minutes again, as it did in 1982.

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Date:2016-01-17 17:26
Subject:Sunday morning comin down ...
Mood: blank

Books I have been reading this weekend:

Finished Ian Rankin Beggars Banquet, and read James Herriott Vets in a Spin.

I have been watching some tv I recorded - several early episodes of Grand Designs, an NCIS, and a DCI Banks.

I was supposed to be mowing the lawn, especially since today was cooler than it has been. But my front lawn is currently decorated with the little plastic box which decided to develop a problem with the brake light switch on Thursday when I came home from shopping. The RAC guy didnt get here until 9pm to diagnose it, and I was already pretty tired from work - so it got left on the lawn so I can use the big car instead. Yesterday being a bit hot, and me being still tired from Friday (when I bought food on the way home, ate it and went to bed at 8pm...) I didnt actually get to checking it out for myself until this morning. There's this rubbery washer like thing that is supposed to go where the brake pedal activates the lights, and it has rotted rather well :P So I shall have to organise a visit to the car doctor soonish.

Any excuse not to spend an hour or so mowing the field out the back and the lawn in the front :P

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Date:2016-01-16 19:02
Subject:*knock knock* is this thing on?
Mood: contemplative

I have been thinking I should attempt to post more regularly. The problem lies, not with any time or subject issues, but more with not being able to comment on work stuff, which has a tendency to take up most of my life. So the content might get a bit ... lacking? rambling? oblique? I may resort to a technique I used many years ago - ransom selection of aphorisms from a "bunch of dates" paper calendar - several of which I have kept over the years from when they were in frequent use (and over-ordered) at work.

Right now? Ive been getting a bit sad with all the musicians and actors and suchlike who have been dying recently, mostly, it seems from cancer. Since December 28th there has been one a day, occasionally more, listed on FB or the local news. A FB contact suggested it was just that being of my age=group, there are that many more significant people for whom I will notice their absence. Im not sure that is the case, though. The musicians, not all of the same age-group, have largely been performing since the 60s, when there was a big rise in the number of groups and performers. So maybe its just that there are more of them to be lost. Either way, it is sad to see the passing of so many quality performers. Makes you wonder if there are sufficient left in the up-and-coming to fill the fast-growing gap.

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Date:2015-08-20 20:05
Mood: sad

Nothing like picking up the daily newspaper to read over dinner to find the wife of a friend was the woman who died from snakebite the other day ...

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Date:2015-07-23 22:48
Subject:Excellent performance
Mood: amused

of Blithe Spirit by Black Swan.

It was nice to see a play where the words were as in the book, not modernised, sanitised, or rendered local by added references (the director was bitching in the programme about not being able to change a word :) ). So I found the script (searching for a reason for the pear tree ...) and the words have been changed :) Possibly for the better.

The set was amazing, and drew applause. It was deliberately "old fashioned" with a red velvet curtain that looped back, random period furniture, and lighting that was deliberately soft and rose-coloured (except when blue for the ghosts ....).

It was, unfortunately, not well booked - maybe 2/3 of the seats taken, and mostly by folk with grey hair :P Which is a pity, because, written in 1940s-ese or not, it is very funny and pretty well still appropriate to today. A gaggle of younger folk who had the appearance of students appeared at the end, possibly from the circle, but I have never seen so many people use the lifts because of walking sticks and wheelchairs!

Why was Madame Arcati reading her lines?

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Date:2015-06-20 22:15
Subject:The Real Thing

Went to The Real Thing. Excellent production, pretty well sold out.

It was good to see a production with some meat in it - some of the plays I have seen recently by professional companies havent really been worth spending money on. (This includes at least one award-winning American play that irritated me so much I walked out at the interval. :P)

Stoppard's work is much denser, has so much more to develop the stage business - and these actors did exceptionally well. Unfortunately, a lot of the dense references went over the heads of many of the audience, age group notwithstanding. Im not sure they got the musical references either - despite the programme having a glossary to explain the 80's references. (There were, as is becoming frequently the case, a preponderance of white haired bodies ...) Considering how long ago I studied it, it was amazing that I recognised the chunk of 'Tis a Pity She's a Whore - and the extended metaphor within the play.

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Date:2015-01-25 10:25
Subject:64k is enough for anyone ....
Mood: amused

Today I have in my hand a 1Tb hard drive to take backups from my new(ish) Netplus PC. It is about the same width as an old 3.5 floppy, a touch longer, and about as fat as 5 floppies. 20 years ago (well, 19) when I started using the net, a terabyte was unimaginable. Even the main frame hiding in our physics department at UWA didnt get that far - you would have needed a Cray or somesuch. (I think I first heard of terabyte about then ... .) 40 years (well, 38) ago when I first used a computer, we were thought excessive to have bought a second 250Kb disc drive (of 12 24in discs!) to help combat the running problems we experienced on the PDP 11/70 (later it was discovered to have been configured to run on the USA 250v instead of the Aus 240 ...).

And yesterday I figured an extra $10 for another 500Gb was worth the investment in the larger drive ....

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Date:2014-12-18 17:32
Subject:Soggy moggy ...

Just bathed Mango ... for the first time. Hes been licking away his fur, and various flea treatments didnt seem to change anything, so some expensive flea-shampoo and some equally expensive conditioner later ..
He coped quite well. He's very strong (all the other cats Ive bathed have been small siamese) and he didnt complain all that much, until he found the bathroom door closed. His yowl was a very oriental "Let me out"!
Ive always thought there was some oriental in him somewhere, what with oval paws and all. Otherwise he's a Very Big Ginger Mog. A wet one, drying himself off and disgusted with me.

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Date:2014-04-15 06:33
Subject:Leave 7-10
Mood: off to work

The days have turned into a blur - mostly reading and watching recorded tv. I have been reading the books I bought when I went shopping on Friday for food for Sunday - cant afford to eat at the festival prices these days :( There are two James Pattersons (adequate but not impressive), Matthew Reillys Contest and Michael Connellys The Poet.

News of the week was that the big cactus growing up the jacaranda flowered, and the moonflower cactus growing up the magnolia tree also produced 5 blooms. (Now thats a sad indictment of how unproductive my leave was .. :P)

Saturday I had coffee at the wealth trap, went to Belmont to check out the new branch of a store I sometimes visit, and to Carousel as well to see if I could find a better bag for my camera, which I did.

Sunday was West Coast Blues & Roots. Not entirely satisfactory, although up to its usual standard in organisation - and, well the musicians were excellent, just not very blues and not very roots. The better blues guys were on early, and I managed to get there early so I didnt miss them (Dave Hole and Russell Morris). Elvis Costello was definitely disappointing - his excellent backing musos deserved a better performance from him.

The headline acts I didnt stay for - just waited for the first song from John Mayer (enough to hear that he was excellent, just not interesting enough to make me stay any longer given how tired I was becoming). I couldnt stay for Michael Franti, which was disappointing, but he was on in the Big Top and it would have been claustrophobic in there. And the Dave Matthews Band ... no, not a strong enough interest to make me stay late. I would have liked the energy and the fortitude to brave the exceptionally crowded Big Top for the Doobie Brothers - just to say Id seen them - but I was never a great fan, and it was loud enough to hear the other side of the park any way. From the pics in the online West Australian on Monday, they, like many other great musos, are getting Old. The people I was sitting next to came back from listening to them looking satisfied anyway.

It was less well attended - only 15000 according to the review on Monday - and it was mostly family and older patrons - so no fence-jumping, not even hanging-over-the back-fence - which was a good thing because there were hardly any security guys around. The food stalls were their normal excellent selection, the market stalls normal and pleasant. It was hot, but not exceptionally so, and everyone was reasonably well behaved.

The new camera behaved, but not as well as Id hoped, given that I bought it specifically so I could take better photos at music festivals. A longer lens is definitely required. The two it came with - the smaller one works well, the longer not so much, kind of parsons egg situation there, not sure what it is meant to be. It does perform marginally better than my little pocket camera does, and I took a variety of settings to see how it went, but it wasnt quite a s good as Id hoped with the distance bit. An expensive experiment, so Im glad I didnt pay full price for it (and I saw one in one shop on Saturday for much less than it was originally put out for ... :P). I can get a zoom lens that fits the body, but its a little much for my pocket right now. I also have to be careful not to have too big a lens - the promoters get twitchy about heavy duty cameras, start wanting press passes and such.

As leave goes, it wasnt long enough - I had really only just started to wake up on Friday. I really needed the second week they wouldnt let me have (because we all know the week before a holiday weekend is impossibly busy ..isnt it? really? is that what Monday was? Did I blink and miss it Monday? Of course it could still get horrendous ...)

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Date:2014-04-11 08:19
Subject:Leave 4-6
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...and this morning (7)

So, watering the garden this morning I go out to change the reticulation stage ... and flying through the spray under the trees in the middle of the yard were dozens of tiny white eye honey-eaters - and the odd new holland type. Naturally I sat down to watch until the fluttering had reduced somewhat - and when I moved the manual sprinkler I put it between the trees to water a patch that doesnt get covered - so that they could continue using the bottlebrush trees for a bathing station.

They are attracted to the big paperback tree - unusually smothered in so many tiny bottle brushes that it looks like it has snowed - and "my" gum tree which has had tiny balls of fluff for the last two weeks. On other garden notes - sometime during the week the big cactus climbing up the jacaranda tree produced a dinner-plate sized yellow flower. This is the second or third one that it has produced over the years, in the same spot, and I am waiting for it to manage more further up the tree.

The rest of this week? In no particular order -

I read a crime novel by Simon Brett (a little light weight) and a Dr Who novel by Gareth Roberts based on an episode by Douglas Adams (showing large influences from Adams, including typical dialogue and cross-textual references) and am now on a light-ish three-story volume of Battlestar Galactica (a touch disappointing in its lack of development and tendency to fanfic) by various authors.

Yesterday I mowed the lawns, did shopping and visited M&M and C and new B, who is growing and an exceptionally quiet baby.

Otherwise there was struggling with the interweb (this new version of Opera doesnt manage downloads at all well with my small bandwidth), watching recorded tv programs, sleeping, and not much else.

I need to try out some distance shots with the camera before West Coast Blues on Sunday - it was bought specifically because I want to take better pix of bands on distant stages - I have a feeling that I shall be going to my friendly camera shoppe for a longer lens at some point, but not this week. It should be possible to find one that will fit this body.

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